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Reiki Balancing & Healing

Release stress, balance your body, allow your body the freedom to heal, release blocks and move forward.

I am a Level 3 Reiki Master Practitioner registered with the Canadian Reiki Association practicing Usui Reiki.

Duration:  45-70 minute session

Includes: In-person assessment and Reiki treatment.

Cost: $90


Colour Sound Therapy

Colour Sound Therapy is a unique modality combining the use of stainless steel tuning forks and the Spectro-Chrome colour therapy system. This treatment clears blockages, balances the body and allows the body to complete the healing that is needed.

Duration:  45-70 minute session

Includes: In-person sound colour therapy session.

Cost: $90

Crystal Therapy

Tapping into the healing properties of Mother Earth to support healing and balance in the body.

Duration:  45-70 minute session

Includes: In-person crystal therapy session.

Cost: $90

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Note: These treatments are a NOT a replacement for medical treatment, but can provide incredible support to overall wellness alongside all other treatment methods.

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