Are You Living Your Life the Way You Want?

I often hear of people struggling to achieve their goals. Sometimes it feels really overwhelming to take steps forward in any direction. This paralysis can feel very disappointing and can crush confidence and motivation.

Have you ever started your day by setting an intention for the day? An intention is simply “a thing intended; an aim or plan”.

I first heard of intention setting in a yoga class where the instructor asked us to set our personal intention for that class. This sounded silly to me at first, but then started to give it a try. No one else in the room would know what my intention was anyway, so it would be my little secret. Throughout the class, the instructor would ask us to come back to our intention to remind us why we were  there.

As the weeks went on in yoga, I found intention setting to be super-helpful to get focused on what was important to me.

I started applying this to my daily life. In the morning when I wake up, I set an intention for the day. If you are anything like me, I can easily take life way to seriously. Have you heard that joke “Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive?” – a little morbid, but true! Based on this, my daily intention is often to make sure that I take the time to laugh and smile because it just feels good…and I don’t really want to look back on my life wishing I had enjoyed more.

Setting an intention is like planting a seed in your mind and heart. It starts to grow and can help to direct you through the day. I check in with myself throughout the day to remember my intention – have I laughed yet? NO! Crap! It’s time to step away from my desk, grab a coffee and joke with my coworkers and the staff at the coffee shop. Pheww…that feels better!

The same concept can be applied to your goals and to living your life for you. Years ago, I created my “bucket list”, which is a list of the things that I want to experience in my life. Some are as small as trying gelato and some are bigger such as hiking the West Coast Trail or puddle-jumping in the rain. These are things that are important to me and feel right in my heart. They do not include anyone else’s must-do/should-do items.

By creating my bucket list, I planted seeds of intention in my mind and heart. In doing so, this intention gives me the kick in the pants I need to move me forward to follow through with completing these items.

Setting an intention and remembering that intention helps to:

  1. Give you the desire and energy to do the things you want because they are important to you and feel right in your mind and heart.
  2. Keeps the things that are important to you front and center in your focus.

Start now! 

#1 – Set your “intention” for today.

How do you want to experience your day and your life? Here are some sample intentions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • I intend to support my health and wellness by making time for me throughout the day to do the things that bring me happiness and peace.
  • I intend to enjoy today by keeping things light and fun with laughter and smiles.
  • I intend to strengthen my relationship with my spouse and/or kids by accepting their quirks and supporting their strengths, talents and dreams.
  • I intend to improve my overall healthy by listening to my body and how it feels to make tweaks, as needed.
  • I intend to bring the peace and clarity that I found in yoga into my work day by taking time to breath and step back.
  • I intend to see beauty and magic today; in my life, in everyone I meet and wherever I am at.
  • I intend to strengthen my relationships with my friends by making more time for them and being present.

#2 – Try this today! Start with just one intention and see how it goes; your intention can be your little secret. 😉

#3 – Leave a comment below with the intention that you selected for today.

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