Does Fear Hold You Back?

Bungee_Jumping_overcoming fear

There are certain things where feeling fear is a good thing – like if you are in a dark alley and being followed or in the pen with a bull that is about to charge. Fear is a built in survival tool that can save our lives and was put there for a reason.

There are other cases where fear is not really warranted and we use it to hold ourselves back. For instance, fear of public speaking; although getting up in front of a large crowd to speak can be scary, I can nearly guarantee that It won’t threaten your life.

I like to subscribe to the idea that we should face our fears head-on and I like to do this at least once per month. There is nothing more liberating than overcoming a fear that has been limiting you in what you can experience in your life.

  • Do you really want to try painting, but don’t because you can’t paint?
  • Do you really want to ride a motorbike, but don’t because you are scared or are female?
  • Do you want to try skiing/snowboarding, but don’t know where to start and are scared of learning something new?

Here is a video of me bungee jumping the day before I got married a few years ago to show you and example of a fear that I faced head-on:

Caveat: I do not recommend jumping off a perfectly good bridge in a facility that is primarily manned by a number of high school students who are paid minimum wage (who happened to do a great job while I was at their facility!)! However, I AM saying is that you really don’t know what something will be like until you allow yourself to try. How do you know that you won’t enjoy it? And furthermore, why can’t you do it? Is it a real reason or an excuse?

There are a number of things that you can dig your toe into to test it out first rather than just jumping off head first and screaming profanities! Will I be bungee jumping again? For me, no – because I learned that I don’t really like the feeling of free falling. Am I glad that I tried it? Absolutely and I would NEVER undo this experience…the adrenaline rush that I experienced was unparalleled (which you may have guessed from the profanities that I was screaming!).

Our experiences in our lives help us to understand who we are, what we like and really…what makes us tick. It makes us unique and interesting and ALIVE! In my mind, there are no mistakes…only experiences that we can learn from and keep moving forward from.

“How can this experience serve me moving forward?”

In the time of year where people make resolutions, I encourage you to add a few items on your list that are in a zone that is “uncomfortable”…this could even be trying a food from a different ethnicity. Discomfort and risk differs from person to person. Experience it with an open mind and then at that point it is completely ok to assess whether you enjoyed it or not. If there was a sliver of you that did, perhaps it is ok to allow yourself to try it again. The important thing is that you give it a fair shot.


So it is your turn – get out there and experience something that feels uncomfortable (that is not guaranteed to get you killed), but you have an interest in trying. Allow yourself to give it a fair shot and feel the blood refreshing your body as it pumps through.

Be proud of yourself that you tried something new and unknown!

Add it to your achievement list and repeat with the next thing!  Start knocking down those doors that currently hold you back from living your life freely!

If you need help working through this, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free initial coaching call with me to get things started.

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