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Breaking free of Fear. How to overcome Fear.

What Would Happen If…?

My doors were completely blown off by a suggestion I received this week. This suggestion had such an incredible impact on me (with its simplicity), I had to share it! We were talking about some of the life changes that I’ve been mulling over for the last while. These are things that simply feel good…

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How I Overcame My Snake Phobia

Previously: Picture me flipping through a magazine, coming across a picture of a snake and LOSING MY SH*T, screaming and knocking over anything within a 5 foot radius with my flailing limbs. Yeah, that was me. It wasn’t pretty. Check out my video to see how my adventure started: Now: Imagine me holding a snake…

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Does Fear Hold You Back?

Bungee_Jumping_overcoming fear

There are certain things where feeling fear is a good thing – like if you are in a dark alley and being followed or in the pen with a bull that is about to charge. Fear is a built in survival tool that can save our lives and was put there for a reason. There…

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