Letting Go; Making Space; Moving Forward; The Recovery of a Workaholic

I'm Free!

It’s been awhile since my last post. Since then, I finished my last I.T. contract, had 2 months off during the summer, closed my jewelry business and started a new I.T. contract…over that time, something deep inside of me shifted. During the summer I started listening to Bob Marley (this was new to me…I had…

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What Would Happen If…?

My doors were completely blown off by a suggestion I received this week. This suggestion had such an incredible impact on me (with its simplicity), I had to share it! We were talking about some of the life changes that I’ve been mulling over for the last while. These are things that simply feel good…

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1 Simple Thing You Can Do To Find Happiness


We all just want to be happy, don’t we? But what does “happy” really mean and look like? I know that true happiness is not putting on a big yellow happy-face facade despite feeling unhappy and empty inside. It’s so easy to get into the habit of comparing yourself with others, to focus on all…

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Words are Freakin’ Super Heroes

Lately, I’ve noticed how much words impact my day, my mood, my outlook on life, my results AND the people around me. Words are Freakin’ Super-Heros! A kind word can lift you up or save a bad day. They can describe who we are/once were, who we are not, who we want to be. They…

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The NEW “Healthy” – 10 Important Strategies For Improving Your Health

With Holidays, Christmas and the New Year right around the corner, I want to talk about the word “healthy”, because we all know that we’re going to be flooded with weight loss strategies intended to remind us of all of the things we over-enjoyed over the holidays. All those ads will be targeting your need…

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My Dirty & “Disordered” Little Secret

As a person who has worked hard to overcome disordered eating, I want to talk about the meaning of “Healthy”. Although I was never formally diagnosed with anorexia or bulimia, in my teens and early 20s, I starved, binged, purged, rode a roller-coaster of guilt and shame, juice-fasted, dieted and created eating “rules“. I over-criticized…

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How I Overcame My Snake Phobia

Previously: Picture me flipping through a magazine, coming across a picture of a snake and LOSING MY SH*T, screaming and knocking over anything within a 5 foot radius with my flailing limbs. Yeah, that was me. It wasn’t pretty. Check out my video to see how my adventure started: Now: Imagine me holding a snake…

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The Lie We Live

I want to share a video with you that has challenged my thinking and has made a huge impact on how I live my life; it speaks so deeply to my soul that I must share it with you! Its creator, Spencer Cathcart, has a clear message to challenge us to step back and a…

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The 10 Hard Lessons I Learned That Turned My Life Around

Looking for the Magic Wand for your life?

Many times in my life, I’ve wished for a magic wand, a fairy god-mother or perhaps for a magic carpet would take me easily through a perfect life. When my “magic carpet” was ripped out from under my feet by life’s truths or lessons, I was able to create a life for myself that I…

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Have You Lost That Loving Feeling? Here’s How to Get It Back!

Relationship on the rocks? Feelings just not there anymore? I suspect that we’ve all been there at least once in our lives where the spark starts dwindling in a relationship where there once was fireworks; like you’re losing the feelings that you once felt for that person. In a number of relationships in my life,…

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