The 10 Hard Lessons I Learned That Turned My Life Around

Many times in my life, I’ve wished for a magic wand, a fairy god-mother or perhaps for a magic carpet would take me easily through a perfect life. When my “magic carpet” was ripped out from under my feet by life’s truths or lessons, I was able to create a life for myself that I…

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Have You Lost That Loving Feeling? Here’s How to Get It Back!

Relationship on the rocks? Feelings just not there anymore? I suspect that we’ve all been there at least once in our lives where the spark starts dwindling in a relationship where there once was fireworks; like you’re losing the feelings that you once felt for that person. In a number of relationships in my life,…

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You’ve Got Choices Baby!

You have a choice, an option, an opportunity…to live each moment in a way that is meaningful to you; to spend your days doing the things that you want to. In fact, you probably have more options than you even realize. We are all guilty for saying things such as: “I just don’t have any…

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Does Everyone Have An Opinion About Your Life?

Do the people around you question your choices in life?  Do you often have people questioning your life decisions (marriage, children, career), pressure you to do things that don’t feel right or tell you that you are wrong for your decisions? Do you feel like others pressure you into going down a path that doesn’t…

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Are You Living Your Life the Way You Want?

I often hear of people struggling to achieve their goals. Sometimes it feels really overwhelming to take steps forward in any direction. This paralysis can feel very disappointing and can crush confidence and motivation. Have you ever started your day by setting an intention for the day? An intention is simply “a thing intended; an…

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Does Fear Hold You Back?

Bungee_Jumping_overcoming fear

There are certain things where feeling fear is a good thing – like if you are in a dark alley and being followed or in the pen with a bull that is about to charge. Fear is a built in survival tool that can save our lives and was put there for a reason. There…

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Why I Don’t Believe in Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions - Impossible becoming possible

It is that time of year again…the time where 2015 comes to an end and 2016 promises new and exciting adventures. I like to step back to reflect on the last year and start considering where I want to go next. I like to consider the things that I are working in my life and…

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