Does Everyone Have An Opinion About Your Life?

Do the people around you question your choices in life? 

  • Do you often have people questioning your life decisions (marriage, children, career), pressure you to do things that don’t feel right or tell you that you are wrong for your decisions?
  • Do you feel like others pressure you into going down a path that doesn’t feel right to you?
  • Do you find yourself sometimes torn between doing the things you want to do vs. the things that everyone else tells you that you should do?

Perhaps you:

  • Don’t quite feel ready to get married just yet.
  • Aren’t ready to have children or have decided not to have children.
  • Are going into/are in a career that is typically done by the other gender.
  • Want to travel at a time when you “should” be starting a family.
  • Or maybe something completely different…either way, it doesn’t feel right in your gut for you.

The other day, a friend and her husband were talking about the many times they get grilled by the people in their life about when they are going to have kids and why they haven’t started yet. I can relate to this as many of my choices have been scrutinized.

In my life, there were times when even I started to question if my decisions were “right” after enough people told me that I was wrong. In the end, I stayed with my “gut” feeling and things turned out just fine. I did things when and how it felt right for me and I can assure you that the world did not end because I wasn’t doing, saying, wearing or being the same thing as everyone else. Pheww!  That’s a relief!

So many people voice their opinions and expectations blindly as if they have the answer for how you should live your life, even though they’ve never spent a day in your shoes. It’s like you owe society an explanation for why you aren’t following the herd of sheep.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s that simple. It’s your life, you can choose live it your way.

Those other people who voice their opinions are typically not the ones who will need to live with the outcome of the decision like you would; they can walk away from it and sleep at night, while that may not be the case for you. Your life needs to feel good to YOU, not for others! If you make a choice that you are unhappy with, they walk away while you are still the one left with the aftermath in your life.

2. You are unique and beautiful as you are; wear the true you proudly!

3. Check out Do You Fit In A Box?,  where I share my experience on how I overcame my struggle to be what everyone else thought I “should” be.


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with one area where you feel pressured from others to conform to. If you have overcome that, how did you do it?

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