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Have you ever felt absolutely terrified of something? Have you ever felt absolutely terrified of something? I know I sure have...a number of things, in fact. Fear can feel heavy, restrictive and exhausting. Consider how much energy that goes into avoiding something you're scared of, worrying about that same thing, having nightmares about it, etc. Wouldn't it be lovely to be free of fear's shackles? You certainly can be and I can tell you how!

In this article, I share how I overcame my fears and how you can too!

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Have you ever felt like you just don't fit in? Wondered where your place is in this world? Like you are just a bit different than everyone else around you?

Maybe you have different interests, values, physical traits, emotional/mental traits or even outlooks on life.

Have you felt torn between doing the things you want to do vs the things that everyone else thinks you should do?

In this article, I share how I overcame this struggle in my own life and the freedom I experienced from it.

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Are you currently trying to lose weight? Did you resolve to be healthier this year? If so, before you do anything, read this through to the end.

So many times, people hit the new year with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. They resolve to be healthier, to lose 10 pounds, to quit smoking. Some succeed, but many more struggle with these resolutions and fail.

In this article, I share my personal battle with weight loss AND the secrets I learned which allowed me to feel good in my skin.

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happy and confident womanDo you feel as though you have lost yourself?  Does your life consist of work, home, running around, keeping things running, but not really "living"?  In this article, I share my very personal story of being a workaholic, burning myself out and losing myself in the process.

I'll share the secrets about how I found happiness and me again and I'll provide you with 4 simple steps to start the path to creating a life you love!

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sherri-lyn shaw happinessDo you feel like you need a change in your life "stat", but don't really know what to change and how to begin? I'll with you share how I hit rock bottom and found adventure, success and satisfaction along with some of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned!

I've also included 5 simple steps to finding "you" again. You can do this!  Let's do it together.

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Woman with the kayakIt's Your Life, Your Canvas, Your Adventure!

Are you concerned that your best days are behind you; that the rest is going to be downhill from here? If you don’t make any changes to take your life back, that absolutely may be the case!  I can show you how I overcame that hurdle, and more importantly, how you can too!

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