You are "perfectly imperfect".

We're all human, have struggles, fears, challenges, good times and not so good times.

Reiki can support you through all of these times.

Improve your health and your life.

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How Reiki Can Help You:

  • Chronic health issues.
  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation
  • Emotional stability
  • Sports injuries
  • Supports treatment of health issues such as cancer.
  • Improve relationship with yourself
  • On-going health issues
  • Fear, anxiety and depression

Here's What YOU Need to Know:

You have a say in how you live your life from this moment forward.

You are not alone; you don't have to do this alone.

It’s time to change that only YOU can make.

  • Take the reigns for your well-being and step into the true you.

Heal, relax into you, listen to your soul and change your life.

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Is Working With Sherri-Lyn Shaw (Reiki Practitioner) right for me?

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Who Is Sherri-Lyn Shaw?

Sherri-Lyn Shaw, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

I believe that every person has been created in a unique way and needs customized treatment options.

I believe that our quirks and differences are what make us interesting and beautiful and should be embraced rather than covered up or changed.

I believe that while our health care system has its strengths, it is weak at supporting preventative maintenance. Our health system is created to support the "average" person, but there are certain things that fall through its cracks, cannot be clearly diagnosed or understood.

I believe that maintaining and monitoring your health is your responsibility.

I believe that we are more disconnected from ourselves than ever and need to take time to listen to our body and soul as they are wiser than we may give them credit for.

In my earlier years, I struggled with maintaining balance in my life, managing my stress levels, anxiety, depression, debilitating headaches and other health issues. I was fortunate to find support and encouragement from people in all corners of my life (sometimes in the strangest places). One baby step at a time, I became empowered to make decisions that supported my health and my life to live life in a way that feels right to me. There were individuals along the way that believed in me. At times, it felt like there was only one person in the world who believed in me, but that one person made all the difference to my journey. Having that support helped me to believe in myself again and have the courage to live life on my terms, true to me. Sometimes it only takes one person to truly believe…I believe in you.

Together, let's make meaningful and positive changes in your life.

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